Luxury Fashion


About company

We are the exclusive representative of selected international fashion brands on the Polish market. We work with the most recognized and prestigious fashion houses. We specialize in women’s and men’s clothing and accessories. We work with stylists at photo sessions and at prestigious events.

Luxury Fashion is a team of professionals with excellent knowledge of the Polish market.
We introduce to the Polish market well-known global brands that are characterized by exceptional design, long-term history and dynamic sales growth. We follow trends. We always believe that the success of any business depends on understanding the client’s needs. We are able to listen and have a good empathy skills. That is why each of the projects carried out by us is characterized by completely different values.

As an agency, we advise in the creation of monobrand and multibrand boutiques. We also offer cooperation with brands on the basis of franchising. We provide our business partners with many years of experience of our staff at every stage of the project implementation. We are oriented on project management, even as part of permanent cooperation with a given brand. The project, with precisely defined goals and budget, allows for a transparent assessment of the effects of activities and funds spent by the client.

Today, Luxury Fashion emphasizes dynamic development, creating new distribution networks in Poland and fashion promotions.



Verification of the best Italian fashion houses in terms of brand recognition on the Polish market, bearing in mind the strategy, development plans and willingness to invest in Poland.
Facilitating communication between the Polish partner and Italian management representing specific brands.

Participation in negotiations in order to obtain optimal trading conditions for the local retail partner.
Verification of multimark / monomark partners through the assessment of financial capacity, experience in the industry.
Support for potential partners with no experience who want to start their business in the fashion sector.
Searching for locations and conducting negotiations with shopping centers.
Assessment of investment profitability.
Support for our clients during orders in Italy.
Sales training, sales support and distribution selection.
Support in the field of PR and communication, campaign plans based on local and national budget.