Brand 883 Police born in Italy in 1995. Quickly became synonymous with style and quality. In Italy, it is generally known for its great tradition of textile and is widely recognized as an icon of excellence in the production of denim clothes. The combination of vast experience and knowledge in the evolution of denim brand has allowed 883 Police to become the leading brand in the market and take responsibility for discovering new cleaning techniques, finishes and textures in the last 3 years.

In a constantly changing world of denim and fashion, 883 Police has in its philosophy of introducing exceptional innovation, pushing the limits of their creative edge and interpreting upcoming trends leading to the creative vision of the future life. 883 Police understands that to create the perfect jeans you need a perfect balance between knowledge and the ability to maintain the quality and uniqueness of fabric.

Italian heritage and style intertwines with an American accent creating fully the essence of the brand. Recent collections of 883 Police characterized by courage, modernity, the spirit of youth and freedom.

Premium patterns, seizures and lotions containing modern elements give the brand its unique look makes it instantly recognizable.