Dirk Bikkembergs is a brand of sensuality combining the world of fashion and power sports. It was founded in 1986 by Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs, who drew inspiration for their projects from the style of urban and world football, as seen in the collections of the brand to this day.

Thanks to this unconventional combination of projects Dirk Bikkembergs is a hybrid costumes typical of sports and haute couture collection. At the beginning of its activity the brand created lines for men, it was the year 1993 initiated the development of a collection line for women. It’s all thanks to the spectacular successes, which were also reflected on opening new rooms on show around the world. In 2006 they were produced the most famous brand shoes – with spikes. It is worth mentioning that the relationship with the world of sport has resulted in a two-year contract with the sports club Inter Milan. Belgian designer Dirk Bikkembergs is known for its strong and bold style. Designer freely mixed colors – sometimes juxtaposes them harmoniously, and sometimes contrasting. No less important is the color model of shoes, who always exudes energy, movement and action.

Creative visions Dirk Bikkembergs is a combination of luxury and practicality. Thanks to the unique design of this brand shoes are ideal for the casual collection. Designer over the years created a style that exudes a certain freedom and bulk, but also attention to every detail.

Bikkembergs shoe collection Autumn / Winter 2016 redefines casual style. Belgian fashion house goes to the athletic footwear in an innovative way. The collection is characterized by a strong and bold style, power, color, bold cuts, but also a certain freedom and fun fashion brand for projects are sometimes very harmonious, sometimes on the contrary, extremely high contrast. Bikkembergs sneakers are a response to the needs of those men and women who want to look fashionable and original, without sacrificing quality, comfort and ease.