Essenza is a clothing brand that was born from the desire of young entrepreneurs from Bergamo: Gino Epis. It is one of the leading casual clothing. Brand is designed for customers dynamic and young at heart, addressed to women and men.

The natural interpretation of fashion as a lifestyle – with the inspiration founded a company in which the involvement of the creative team and the products are the result of a continuous search for the true nature of things. Fashion fades but Essenza, precisely because of its importance, developing your goals and style from the collection to collection, manifesting a constant harmony with the spirit of the time, showing the way of life with new ideas, trends and needs.

Essenza proposes a dynamic fashion for young customers. Returns their collections to those who pay attention to the changes. He takes care of the details while maintaining a reasonable price. It is a guarantee of continuity and strength since 1992.

Clothes are made of modern high quality materials. Each line aims to achieve originality, comfort, elegance and resistance at the same time.