Just Cavalli is a younger and crazier line from Roberto Cavalli, dedicated to women who are not enough to emphasize women’s shapes. It’s for those who play with their sensuality, juggle with its attributes every day. And for those who like spots. As he used to say about his somewhat distinctive character – “Panther is a designer design for me. And that I’m inspired by nature, that’s my private matter. ”

Cavalli, however, deliberately provokes and creates the illusion of being carried away by impulsive emotions. His fashion is in fact a sublime tribute to strong and independent women who will always remain his most important muse. Highlighting the silhouette of the dress with expressive prints, neatly shaping waist, coats and cardigans and fancy accessories that complement the whole stylization. In recent seasons, the characteristic spots for Cavalli and fringes have been joined by sports inspirations and forms – cotton sweatshirts, three-dimensional textures and dim versions of their most famous prints.

Today, Just Cavalli is also a fashion for men. From large format billboards or exclusive sessions in colorful magazines, they look at athletic, confident models, always beautiful, always young, always impeccably dressed. Cavallego’s man knows fashion and is not afraid to show it. Cavalli admits that the masculine line is created with a sense of mission. As he said –

“I love women’s fashion, but I realized that women do not need me as much as men do. Because they really do not have anything to wear! “

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